“I’d like to 'sell' online and create multiple channels for my services and products. I know that customer service is what makes a difference to any business today. Can you create an online store for me where I can offer exemplary online customer service too?"

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Manage inventory and track customer orders easily
Most of the time the job of forecasting demand and replenishing inventory to suit the demand is not accomplished in a manner that is useful. We’ll tell you how to collaborate over the Internet on order management, inventory management, and demand forecasting, production scheduling and transportation. We’ll describe how through collaborative planning on the Internet, consumer behavior can be communicated throughout the organization to make an e-commerce web site development project achieve it's goals.

How to sell online
An e-commerce website that offers products for sale need not be a simple electronic version of a catalog. These virtual storefronts apart from presenting a visual impression of the products that they sell also, provide a shopping cart to select and buy products online, help promote these products through advertisements, track order status, ship goods and manage inventories.

Successful internet business models
What are the outward signs of a robust and thriving business? What are the key areas that a profitable site needs to concentrate on? And what are the existing business models on the web today? Read make e-commerce web site development projects succeed.

Effective shopping carts
When we think of online stores, we immediately think of shopping carts, product catalogs and payment processes online. Some of us think, “ Oh, the bother of adding products to a shopping cart that finally doesn't work", or "The check-out counter that springs nasty pricing surprises", and more.

Web enabling your sales and distribution channel
Are you interested in distributing products using the web? With the customer-centric distribution chain today, the role that a distributor plays includes enabling direct ordering and tracking of orders over the Internet. Does it mean that you switch your current operations to the Internet? Or does it mean making use of the Internet in such a manner that optimizes your role in the value chain.