We have developed and integrated client sites implementing features like catalogs, payment gateways, database search, XML based transactions, Web Services, chat, ecommerce sites, eMail Services, Content Management, Web Analytics and so on.. Our services range from understanding user requirements, offering consultancy on solutions, handling turnkey solutions for clients, designing, developing and implementing web sites and applications, interfacing with hosting providers, ongoing maintenance and customer support for existing sites and applications.

Our Architecture and Design Methodology

We follow a customized Software Development Life Cycle along the lines of the Unified Method using UML. We have defined processes for requirements capture, design, development and testing. We generate UML diagrams representing the Use Case Model, Analysis Model, Design Model, Implementation Model and Test Model.

The following processes are involved in the development of a project.

  • Requirements Understanding and Estimation

  • Contract Signoff & Project kickoff. Project Leader takes over and team formation happens.

  • Requirements Analysis using the Use Cases and generating the Use Case Model. Validation of the Scope and estimates against the contract and revisions made if necessary.

  • UI Prototype developed and validated against Requirements. Prototype presented to Client for approvals.

  • Use Cases elaborated in the Analysis Model represented using Collaboration Diagrams.

  • Design Model elaborations made from the Analysis Model. Validation of the Scope and estimates against the contract and revisions made if necessary.

  • Implementation Model generated from Design.

  • Test Model generated from Use Cases

  • Development of code base proceeds as per Implementation and Design Models.

  • Code is tested according to the Test Model

  • Integration and Quality Testing carried out resulting in Test Reports.

  • Client Acceptance Tests carried out.

  • Client feedback and debugging

  • Final project Signoff

  • Implementation on Client Premises or Hosting Server.

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