As a company, Millthree specializes in professional, quality, affordable custom web site design in the whole. We have a wide range of experience to benefit your business on-line including the following web site types:

  • B2b

  • B2c

  • Dynamic database-driven

  • Flash

  • ecommerce

Our design philosophy is simple:

Web site design must work for your customers and it must work for your business.

All of our designs are built upon the twin key principles of:

  • Web site accessibility

  • Web site usability

Essentially, this means that all of your visitors will be able to access the information they need as soon as they arrive at your web site regardless of any disabilities. We build our web sites to the Bobby and W3C internationally recognized web site accessibility standards.

Good web site design should facilitate users to get the most from your web site. It should not be there for its own sake.

For a free consultation please email contact@mill3.com